Barista Job Description

What is a Barista?

Confused about barista job description? Often people assume that Baristas just about how to make coffee, and I know many employers, employee’s and job seekers think that what a barista does.

This is a huge misconception as there is a lot more to being a barista than just make a cup of coffee. If you look at any good coffee shop you will see that the barista is constantly doing something regardless of how busy the store maybe.

If you take a moment to make this observation you will notice the barista does a bit more than stand at the coffee machine right? They deal with customers, handle money/take payment, take orders, clean, deal with stock etc..

Below I have included a very basic barista job description, but you should get the idea. If you are an employer you should not that when it comes to hiring new staff your barista not only need to be able to make coffee but these other skills and factors should be considered.

Key Responsibilities


  1. Develops enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  2. Provides quality beverages consistently for all customers
  3. Maintains Quality store operations
  4. Contributes to store profitability
  5. Takes responsibility to learn all aspects of the barista position


Being a barista is considerably more complicated than flipping on the automatic coffee maker. Baristas must know recipes for their employers’ specialty coffee drinks, as well as how to use the equipment in a shop, such as automated espresso machines. They might need to choose and grind coffee beans or educate customers on coffee products. In some shops, baristas serve bakery items; they might also prepare food, such as sandwiches or salads.barista job

When not serving coffee, baristas are usually responsible for keeping the shop clean and sanitary.  They also might stock supplies, both in front of and behind the counter, and monitor food safety within a shop. Baristas are often trained in principles of food storage, safety and proper food handling.

If you are looking to get employed, then bare in mind these other factors. If you have good customer service skills then add it to your resume. If you are not brilliant when it comes to taking orders or handling money then you may want to get in a bit of practice or be prepared to learn quickly.

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Remember: either you want to be a professional or just a home barista you need to have specific skills and all skills are learnable.

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